Data Mining Papers

Published examples of data mining from easily accessible databases:

Ball, M. et al, Data Mining and Machine Learning in Astronomy, International Journal of Modern Physics, submitted
Bedient, J., 40 New Southern Red Variables, PZP 7, 20 (2007)
Otero, S., New Elements for 80 Eclipsing Binaries, IBVS 5480 (2004) 
Richwine, P. et al, The Internet as a Virtual Observatory: New Elements for Ten Long Period Variables in Aquila, JAAVSO 34, 28 (2005)
Usatov, M.; Nosulchik, A., 108 New Variable Stars in the NSVS Database, OEJV 88 (2008)
Wils, P. et al, Data Mining for Dwarf Novae in SDSS, GALEX and Astrometric Catalogues, MNRAS, (accepted)
Wils, P., Double-Mode RR Lyrae Stars in SDSS Stripe 82, IBVS 5873 (2009)