Revised target table for 17 PTF CVs campaign

July 20, 2015

Below is a table containing the targets for Roque Ruiz-Carmona's campaign on 17 PTFS CVs (see AAVSO Alert Notice 524). The following revisions (shown in bold) have been made:

1) This revision is the most important. The target V592 Her (old PTF ID PTFS1116cc) is still a target, but the COORDINATES and PTF ID GIVEN WERE INCORRECT. The table contains the correct coordinates and PTF ID for V592 Her. Note that there is no PTF finder chart for V592 Her=PTFS1116ca in the file of finder charts provided by the PI; charts should be made using VSP. The object PTFS1116cc is NOT a target for this campaign; please ignore the finder chart given for it.

2) Some Primary Names have been revised to easier, more familiar names. Please use these names when submitting observations to the AID.

3) The ranges provided by the PI were based on light curves that were in some cases poor, thus, some of the values have a very large error. In order to give the observer more information as to how bright the system may be, especially at quiescence, the range from VSX has been added.

    Revised     PI PI VSX VSX    
PTF ID Primary Name Primary Name RA     (2000)

Dec   (2000)

r' quiesc.

r' outb.

mag quiesc.

mag outb.

Type Priority
PTFS1116aq VW CrB   16:00:03.70 +33:11:14.0 18.10 15.00 20.5CV 14.1V UGSU High
PTFS1116al V844 Her   16:25:01.76 +39:09:26.5 17.56 13.50 17.5B 12.5B UGSU High
PTFS1116ae SDSS J162520.29+120308.7   16:25:20.30 +12:03:08.8 17.94  13.50 20CV 13.1CV UGSU Medium
PTFS1116ca V592 Her   16:30:56.37 +21:16:58.2 16.94 14.25 <20p 12.3p UGWZ Medium

SDSS J165359.06+201010.4

V1227 Her 16:53:59.05 +20:10:10.6 17.66 15.25 18.1V 14.6V UGSU+E Medium
PTFS1116av 1RXS J165658.7+212141 V1229 Her 16:56:58.13 +21:21:39.3 17.33 14.75 19CV 17.0CV NL Medium
PTFS1117q 1RXS J174827.1+505053 ASASSN-13ak 17:48:27.88 +50:50:39.8 17.86 14.50 <19CR 14.4CR UGSU High
PTFS1118x V344 Lyr   18:44:39.17 +43:22:28.1 18.87 14.50 19V 13.8V UGSU High
PTFS1119h V1504 Cyg   19:28:56.45 +43:05:37.3 17.24 15.00 17.4p 13.5p UGSU High
PTFS1120ac 1RXS J203242.4+104937   20:32:42.44 +10:49:34.7 17.46  15.50 17.46r' 15.50r' CV (X-ray) Medium
PTFS1121m FX Cep   21:03:06.60 +66:10:32.4 18.33 15.25 17.5p 15.0p UGSS  High
PTFS1121o V364 Peg   21:12:29.58 +12:32:04.6 19.32  15.50 <19.0R 15R UGSU  High
PTFS1121b VZ Aqr   21:30:24.63 -02:59:17.6 17.08 14.00 18.4V 12.0V UGSS High
PTFS1121aa HS 2141+1231   21:43:54.60 +12:44:57.9 15.62 15.00 17.5CV 14.9CV NL Medium
PTFS1122t V367 Peg   22:45:00.73 +16:55:13.3 18.02 15.75 <17.6B 15.8B UG Medium
PTFS1123n V369 Peg   23:03:41.81 +17:17:55.0 19.26 16.00 <20CV 15.3CV UGSU High
PTFS1123l USNO-B1.0 1053-00654452 V598 Peg 23:33:25.92 +15:22:22.2 18.29 16.50 18.80V 18.30V DQ Medium

My sincere apologies for any confusion these revisions may cause. Thank you very much for obtaining images of these targets and posting them immediately to this forum for the PI to review.

Elizabeth Waagen, AAVSO HQ