Charts and Sequences Update June 2013

Improvements to existing sequences and creation of new sequences for newly discovered and previously known variables continues at a brisk pace. Below is a list of new or revised sequences adopted since April 4, 2013.

If you observe any of these stars, please be sure you are using th most recent version of the comparison star sequence on your charts.

This list is attached below in .csv and .xlsx formats for your convenience.

Name Constellation Work Performed
OR And And major revision
PNV J19150199+0719471  And added 144 comp
TX And And revised sequence
DT Aps Aps added one comp
FV Aps Aps major revision
RR Aps Aps major revision
VZ Aps Aps major revision
WW Aps Aps major revision
BN V32 Aql new sequence
DX Aql Aql major revision
DY Aql Aql major revision
FG Aql Aql major revision
FH Aql Aql major revision
PNV J19150199+0719471 Aql new sequence
RV Aql Aql major revision
V1012 Aql Aql new sequence
V1047 Aql Aql revised sequence
V1141 Aql Aql filled gap
V1332 Aql Aql revised sequence
V1663 Aql Aql extended sequence
V536 Aql Aql major revision
V682 Aql Aql major revision
V686 Aql Aql major revision
W Aql Aql major revision
WW Aql Aql revsied sequence
EG Aqr Aqr filled gaps
RY Aqr Aqr new sequence
SS Aqr Aqr new sequence
AT Ara Ara major revision
BF Ara Ara major revision
Hen 3-1213 Ara new sequence
QZ Ara Ara new sequence
TU Ara Ara new sequence
U Ara Ara major revision
V433 Ara Ara extended sequence
V877 Ara Ara extended sequence
BD+20 307 Ari new sequence
PNV J06270375+3952504 Aur new sequence
V346 Aur Aur revised sequence
V437 Aur Aur new sequnece
AL Boo Boo new sequence
CSS 130503:145553+112816 Boo new sequence
YZ Boo Boo new sequence
CL Car Car new sequence
IY Car Car major revision
KK Car Car major revision
KL Car Car major revision
KZ Car Car major revision
NT Car Car major revision
R Car Car added to
RY Car Car extended sequence
SU Car Car major revision
TT Car Car major revision
TU Car Car major revision
UU Car Car major revision
WX Car Car revised sequence
CM Cas Cas new sequence
V0524 Cas Cas new sequence
V365 Cas Cas new sequence
ASAS J111458-4113.2 Cen new sequence
CD Cen Cen major revision
TT Cen Cen major revision
V598 Cen Cen new sequence
AX Cep Cep revised sequence
UV Cep Cep new sequence
V0400 Cep Cep new sequence
EN Cet Cet extended brighter
Mira (Omi Cet) Cet add to faint end
PSN J01125492+0058457 Cet new sequence
NSV 18043 Cha major revision
R Cha Cha added 1 faint comp
W Cha Cha extended sequence
Y Cha Cha extended sequence
YY Cha Cha major revision
W Col Col extended sequence
BN CrA CrA new sequence
BP CrA CrA major revision
Hen 3-828 Cru new sequence
NSV 19555 Cru major revision
S Cyg Cyg major revision
V1042 Cyg Cyg updated 2 comps
V1679 Cyg Cyg updated 3 comps
V1769 Cyg Cyg new sequence
V1907 Cyg Cyg new sequence
V2481 Cyg Cyg new sequence
Vend341 Cyg new sequence
RX Del Del minor revision
XZ Del Del major revision
MASTER OT J 111759.87+765131.6 Dra new sequence
UV Dra Dra new sequence
VSX J1137727.2+722403 Dra new sequence
VSX J120641.2+713246 Dra new sequence
R Equ Equ major revision
V Eri Eri new sequence
Y Eri Eri major revision
SSDS J075713.81+222253.0 Gem new sequence
V0335 Gem Gem new sequnece
SS He He  major revision
ASAS 180724+1942.4 Her new sequence
MASTER OT J165236.22+460513.2 Her new sequence
MASTER OT J175908.60+145130.2 Her new sequence
NSVS 7984734 Her new sequence
SDSS J160501.35+203056.9 Her new sequence
V838 Her Her revised and extended
V849 Her Her extended brighter
TT Ind Ind extended sequence
Y Ind Ind major revision
BC Lac Lac new sequence
CSS 130411:110714+133336 Leo new sequence
MLS130313:111537+051002 Leo new sequence
BT Lib Lib new sequence
PKS 1510-089 Lib new sequence
Ry LiY Lib new sequence
AC LMi LMi new sequence
BR Lup Lup minor revision
Hen 3-1103 Lup new sequence
MASTER OT J142023.5-485540 Lup new sequence
VX Lup Lup new sequence
DN Lyn Lyn new sequence
4C 32.55 Lyr new sequence
DW Lyr Lyr update & add
MASTER OT J185838.73+460207.2 Lyr new sequence 
R Lyr Lyr add & update
V562 Lyr Lyr new sequence
U Mic Mic major revision
ASAS J065113+0222.1 Mon new sequence
CF Mus Mus extended sequence
U Mus Mus major revision
Y Mus Mus revised sequence
WRAY 16-202 Nor new sequence
DT Oct Oct revised sequence
ESO 455-18 Oph new sequence
PN Sa 3-43 Oph new sequence
RX Oph Oph major revision
V1121 Oph Oph new sequence
V2062 Oph Oph new sequence
V2131 Oph Oph new sequence
V759 Oph Oph major revision
VV Oph Oph major revision
AR Pav Pav revised sequence
BR Pav Pav major revision
GS Pav Pav new sequence
R Pav Pav major revision
V399 Pav Pav new sequence
AK Peg Peg new sequence
AN Peg Peg major revision
S Peg Peg major revision
V Peg Peg major revision
HD 15407A Per new sequnece
V0603 Per Per new sequence
WX Per Per new sequence
ST PsA PsA major revision
SU PsA PsA new sequence
TY PsA PsA filled gap
SSS 130304:082627-192957 Pup new sequence
V Pup Pup new sequence
V705 Pup Pup New Sequence
DT Pyx Pyx revised sequence
R Pyx Pyx major revision
RT Pyx Pyx New Sequence
IGR J16479-4514 Sco update & replace
RS Sco Sco revised and extended
RT Sco Sco major revision
V1310 Sco Sco major revision
V1317 Sco Sco extended sequence
V723 Sco Sco revised sequence
UZ Ser Ser major revision
MASTER OT J094759.83+061044.4 Sex new sequence
SS Sge Sge new sequence
ASAS J181204-2808.6  Sgr minor revision
ASASSN-13ac Sgr new sequence
Hen 2-374 Sgr new sequence
OGLE bul_sc13_i_17058 Sgr new sequence
RT Sgr Sgr major revision
RU Sgr Sgr major revision
RV Sgr Sgr major revision
V1172 Sgr Sgr new sequence
V3645 Sgr Sgr new sequence
HD 23514  Tau new sequence
BL Tel Tel new sequence
NT Tel Tel major revision
R Tel Tel major revision
DO TrA TrA major revision
Hen 3-1092 TrA new sequence
VW Tuc Tuc extended sequence
CSS 130529:135642+613025 UMa new sequence
EV UMa UMa new sequence
KK UMa UMa new sequence
V UMa UMa major revision
AD Vel Vel major revision
BK Vel Vel major revision
DW Vel Vel major revision
GR Vel Vel new sequence
HO Vel Vel new sequence
Z Vel Vel major revision
ASAS J143322-0418.2 Vir new sequence
CE Vir Vir added 1 bright comp
TZ Vir Vir major revision
R Vul Vul major revision