Charts and Sequences Update July 2011


The charts and sequences team continues to make headway, revising older sequences with new photometry from APASS and AAVSOnet telescopes and creating new sequences for new discoveries and campaign targets. The following is a list of changes since the last update.
BQ And new sequence
EQ And new sequence
EU And new sequence
NGC 6814 Aql new AGN sequence
S Aqr revised sequence
1502+09 Boo new sequence
V391 Cam revised sequence
HV Cas new sequence
LZ Cas new sequence
UW Cas revised sequence
V591 Cen major revision
GL Cep new sequence
GM Cep new sequence
LO Cep new sequence
WX Cet revised sequence
R Com minor revision
R Del minor revision
NGC 1566 Dor new AGN sequence
KV Dra minor revision
RS Dra minor revision
RX J1715.6+6856 Dra new sequence
NGC 7213 Gru new AGN sequence
DF Her revised sequence
DS Her revised sequence
RU Her minor revision
T Her revised sequence
R Hor revised sequence
RU Hor revised sequence
EX Hya revised sequence
RR Hya extended sequence
U Hya revised sequence
V Hya revised and extended seq.
CL Lac new sequence
EX Lup Revised sequence
DW Lyr new sequence
HI Lyr new sequence
TU Men major revision
W Men revised sequence
HP Nor revised sequence
V453 Oph new sequence
NGC 7469 Peg new AGN sequence
PNV J21095047+1348396 Peg add to sequence
DT Per new sequence
N Sco 2011 Sco new sequence
NSV 4969 Sex new sequence
RS Sge major revision and addition to seq.
V5569 Sgr added to sequence
BZ Vir minor revision
The full listing of updates since August 2008 can be found here:
In raw numbers alone, this list now includes 1066 updates, revisions and new sequences since August 2008.
To aid in meeting the demand for new sequences for variable stars that currently do not have comparison stars selected, we are accepting requests and tracking progress via a new procedure. If your star needs comparison stars, please visit this page for instructions on how to submit a request: