Astro-April Webinar Recordings

It's Astro-April at Citizen Sky!


Recordings for all Astro-April online talks have been posted below!

To celebrate the achievements of the Citizen Sky Project and to introduce our participants to the wider world of astronomy, we planned a month-long celebration called Astro-April, which took place in April of 2012.  We scheduled webinars throughout the month on various variable star topics. We also gave out many awards and prizes throughout the month.

The schedule of talks is listed below.  Links to recordings of each talk are included in the table.

The videos are in .wmv format, which can be viewed natively with Windows. If you are using MacOS X, please download and install Flip4Mac_WMV to view the videos.

Date Time Speaker Topic/Registration Link
Wed, April 4th 3:00pm Eastern Robert Naeye Behind the Scenes at Sky & Telescope (video here)
Thu, April 12th 2:00pm Eastern Kevin Marvel & Bethany Johns The American Astronomical Society and the Status of Astronomy in the U.S. (video here)
Fri, April 13th 11:00am Eastern Robert Stencel Results of the Citizen Sky Campaign and What's Next? (More Variable Stars!) (video here)
Tue, April 17th 6:00pm Eastern John Martin Supernova Impostors (video here)
Wed, April 18th 3:00pm Eastern (19UT) Steve Howell Variable Stars/Kepler Data (video here)
Mon, April 23rd 7:00pm Eastern (23UT) Kristine Larsen Astronomy of Middle-earth (video here)
Tue, April 24th 12:00pm Eastern (16UT) Grant Foster Uncertainty in Finding Maxima and Minima (video here)
Thu, April 26th 2:00pm Eastern (18UT)
(emergency cancellation possible reschedule)
Paul Shankland

A naval aviator's astronomical journey - from amateur joys, to ATM, to airborne astronomy, to the VLA.

Fri, April 27th 2:00pm Eastern (18UT) Doug Welch Introduction to Cepheid Variables. (Video Here)
Fri, April 27th 6:00pm Eastern (22UT) Sebastian Otero Proyectos para el observador visual y el astrónomo de escritorio. Colaborando con VSX (en Español)
(video here)
Sat, April 28th 1:30pm Eastern (17:30UT) Brian Kloppenborg Writing a dissertation about epsilon Aurigae and experience with Citizen Sky (Video Here)
 Sat, April 28th 3:00pm Eastern (19UT) Arfon Smith Zooniverse & other citizen science projects (Video Here)
 Sat, April 28th     followed by CS Service Award Ceremony and Grand Prize Presentation!


Thanks for being a part of Astro-April at Citizen Sky!!