asteroid seen on the evening of april 15, at 8 p.m. 52 mins.

Sat, 04/22/2023 - 20:05

Witout a tripod a took 2 photos  with a ordinary camera in the Foret Montmorency, the star was much larger than Venus, it was towards the nordwest, a enlargement shows mini crateres, here this photos at 8 p.m. 52 mins and 8 p. m. 53 mins.;



I can see Venus this night at 9 p. m.34 mins. and with a zoom max i took this photo, then there is cratere too, but on the edges only, for the secon photo the mini cratere are evident and even towards the center, here is the photo of Venus;


The color is not similar!

For the first photo it is 1,51 Mo, for the second photo it is 1,26 Mo, for Venus photo it is 1,47 Mo


An object is in front of Venus..

Now i know that this asteroid had occulted Venus on april 15, 2023 and could occult other stars, otherwise it really is in a parallel world.

Edit 26 may 2023

Now Venus is a variable star in Foret Montmorency, Quebec, Canada, because there is possibly a balloon in front, the 14 and 17 may a took these photos, 20h.44 min., 20h.30 min., 20h. 51 min., ( not in order) notice the big dot in the center;




Edit of may 28, 2023

The ballon hypothesis is no longer valid because the object in front of Venus is also visible in Quebec city, at more than 60 km when i was in the Foret Montmorency.

It is not a defect of the device because on april 15, 2023 it was obvious to the naked eye that it was not Venus and that there was some thing in front.

Please take a simple device that does not connect too much lignt and use a tripod, now the object is much further away than april 15 and looks much smaller.

The big dot in center of photo is not visible in all of my photos, here are two photos, one with a simple camera and other with a cell phone, at 21 h. 05 mins. and  9 h. p.m. 55 mins., may 27, 2023 in Quebec city.






The atmosphere of Venus was transparent for a photo of april
  • According to the website , the phases of Venus for april 15, 2023 was between 70 and 73 %, this corresponds to the last photo of april 15, 2023, so i must conclude that the atmosphere of Venus is transparent (in a parallel world).


What is the star at the right of Venus

Here one photo taken on october 2, 2023 and two photos taken in 0ctober 3, 2023;





I apologize, the photos are in the wrong direction, here a web page including these photos, a translate barre is available;



The star Regulus was obscured by an object

Here a photo of Regulus, Venus, moon and a little star to the right of Venus , october 9, 2023


The small star to the right of Venus is significantly less bright than Regulus, however it is this star which is on my other previous photos from october 2023 and not Regulus, here is a short video for more explanation


I photagraphed Venus in the infrared even if its phase was 72%

I advise you that if you can see Venus red with naked eye, its because you can photograph Venus in infrared and you will be able to see reliefs, here is the link for more details available in all languages;