Special Notice #272: Possible Nova in Centaurus = PNV J13410800-5815470 [V1368 Cen]

28 March 2012:  A possible nova in Centaurus was announced on the IAU CBAT Transient Objects Confirmation Page (TOCP) page with the name PNV J13410800-5815470 [V1368 Cen]. It was discovered by John Seach (Chatsworth Island, NSW, Australia) at magnitude 9.2 on 2012 March 23.386 UT using a DSLR with 50 mm f/1.0 lens. Spectra indicate that the object is a classical nova.

Nothing was seen by him down to magnitude 11.0 on his survey images taken on 2012 Mar. 16.396 UT.

Coordinates (2000.0):
RA 13 41 09.34  Dec -58 15 17.5 (P. Camilleri)
RA 13 41 08  Dec -58 15 47 (J. Seach)

Seach confirmed the object on images taken on 2012 Mar. 23.434 UT at magnitude 9.2. The object was also confirmed by several other
individuals, including (in order of receipt at AAVSO):
A. Henden (AAVSO, using APASS data, V image at http://www.aavso.org/tmp3/nova_cen_2012.jpg);
J. Hambsch (Mol, Belgium);
R. Salvo (on behalf of the VCT team, Montevideo, Uruguay, via vsnert-alert 14367);
E. Guido, A. Tripp, N. Howes, and G. Sostero (Remanzacco Observatory, Italy, image and animation at http://remanzacco.blogspot.com);
P. Camilleri (Charlestown, NSW, Australia).

Camilleri also reported that nothing was seen on the following
UK Schmidt plates:
UK Schmidt IR plate, 1978 Apr. 17.59010 UT
UK Schmidt Red plate, 1994 Mar. 10.67457 UT
He reported that the closest star on both UK Schmidt plates (mag 17.2 IR plate, 17.0 Red plate) is at the position: RA 13 41 09.06  Dec -58 15 15.4 (2000).    

A spectrum obtained by F. Walter (SUNY Stony Brook) on 2012 Mar. 27.2964 UT indicates that the object is a classical nova.

Visual and CCD observations reported to the AAVSO include:
2012 Mar. 24.4271 UT, 9.6 (M. Linnolt, Ocean View, HI);
24.4701, 8.4 unfiltered CCD (P. Camilleri, Charlestown, NSW, Australia);
24.9375, 9.6 (B. Fraser, Henley-on-Klip, South Africa);
25.1722, 10.0 (Tycho ASAS comp stars B-V<+0.5, A. Amorim, Florianopolis, Brazil);
25.1722, 9.4 (Tycho comp stars B-V>+0.9, Amorim);
25.408, 9.7 (R. Stubbings, Tetoora Road, VIC, Australia);
26.1743, 9.7 (E. Fox, Santa Maria, Brazil);
26.1813, 9.9 (Fox);
26.8403, 10.0 (Fraser);

184 CCD V observations have been reported to the AAVSO by J. Hambsch (Mol, Belgium) for the interval 2012 Mar 24.0991 -
27.2739 UT; nightly approximate magnitudes Mar. 24, 9.4; Mar. 25, 9.5; Mar. 26, 9.7; Mar. 27, 10.0.

Observations may be accessed from the AAVSO website:
viewed (http://www.aavso.org/ql), plotted (http://www.aavso.org/lcg), or downloaded (http://www.aavso.org/data-download).

Charts may be plotted using the AAVSO Variable Star Plotter (VSP) at http://www.aavso.org/vsp.

Until an official name is announced, please report observations to the AAVSO International Database as PNV J13410800-5815470.

Congratulations to John Seach on his latest discovery!

This AAVSO Special Notice was compiled by Elizabeth O. Waagen.


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