Special Notice #27: Possible New Object in Sco/Oph Needs Confirmation

January 10, 2007

Daniel Green, Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams, has informed us that Suichi Nakano reports the discovery by Yukio Sakurai of a possible nova or other variable star on the Scorpius/Ophiuchus border. The object needs to be confirmed, and an extremely precise position will likely be needed to determine in which constellation the object is located. It should be noted that the images were obtained using a digital camera without filter, so they are essentially unfiltered CCD. Thus, the object might not be a new object, but instead a reddish star. Sakurai is an extremely experienced observer.

Coordinates: R.A. = 17:41:17 Dec. = -24:45:33 (2000.0)

Discovery details:
2 images obtained January 9.858 UT in bright twilight using a digital camera. Magnitude 7.5 CCD (limiting magnitude on frames approximately 8-9). Not visible on frame(s) taken January 8.85 UT.

Nothing near coordinates reported in International Variable Star Index (VSX). No known or suspected variable located at the coordinates. No minor planets were in the field at the times in question.

We have assigned this object the designation 1735-24 and the name SAKURAI 07. Please refer to the object and report observations as 1735-24 SAKURAI 07. Also, be sure to indicate what chart/comparison star(s) you used.

Confirmation of this object and a precise position are urgently needed. Please communicate your findings to the AAVSO and cc them to Dan Green at dgreen@cfa.harvard.edu.

This special notice was compiled by: Elizabeth O. Waagen


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