Special Notice #2: Possible New Nova/Dwarf Nova in Cet

January 21, 2006: Bogumil Pilecki, Warsaw University Astronomical Observatory, reports on a possible new nova or dwarf nova discovered by the ASAS3V instrument. The previously unobserved object was first detected by ASAS3V at RA = 02h 33m 22s DEC = -10d 47'.0 (assumed J2000) on Jan 20.121 UT at magnitude 12.08 in V.
The new object has been confirmed by the following AAVSO CCD observations:
Jan 21.779 12.58 Err: 0.02 V David Boyd England
Jan 21.9136 13.18 Err: N/A Clear? Diego Rodriguez Spain
Jan 21.96 12.5 Err: N/A V Cristovao Jacques Brazil
Pilecki reports that one star is located close to this position in the USNOB catalog:
# id               | RA                 | DEC              | B1     | R1     | B2     | ASAS3V
0792-0024872 02:33:21.3620 -10:47:04.940 18.180 18.620 19.340 19.15
Light curve and images can be found at the following URL: http://www.astrouw.edu.pl/cgi-asas/asas_disc/023322-1047.0,3754
Bruce Sumner has put together the following comparison stars based on ASAS3V photometry. An AAVSO chart will be released tomorrow. If you observe before the chart is available please use these stars.
02h33m00.434s -10 41' 31.48" 12.05 0.06
02h33m20.870s -10 41' 27.56" 13.09 0.10
02h33m26.311s -10 49' 09.44" 13.34 0.12
02h33m14.452s -10 50' 34.36" 13.72 0.17
Visual observations are requested to monitor the object. Time series CCD observations are requested to look for superhumps and other behavior associated with dwarf novae. CCD B and V observations are requested to look for color. Spectroscopic observations would also help to determine the star's type.
Until a more formal designation is assigned, submit data to the AAVSO as "ASAS023322" with a designation of 9999+99.
This special notice was compiled by: A. Price. --------------------------------------------------------------------
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