Special Notice #191: U Sco is possibly in outburst

January 28, 2010: The recurrent nova U Sco has been reported in outburst, and confirming observations and immediate reporting are urgently requested.

U Sco is located at coordinates RA: 16 22 30.80 , Dec: -17 52 43.0 (J2000).

According to observations in the AAVSO International Database, the last outburst of U Sco occurred on JD 2451235 (1999 February 25), when the star reached visual magnitude 7.5. U Sco is an extremely fast nova, and will reach maximum and decline by one magnitude within one day. Observers are asked to submit all data via WebObs on the AAVSO website. If possible, please send email to aavsogrb@gmail.com with your observation as well.

Charts for U Sco are available via VSP (http://www.aavso.org/vsp).

This AAVSO Special Notice was compiled by Matthew R. Templeton.


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