Special Notice #15: V1316 Cyg Monitoring Campaign

July 14, 2006: Gary Poyner, Jeremy Shears and David Boyd (all BAA-VSS) have requested help in monitoring the dwarf novae V1316 Cyg for outbursts in the current observing season.

Typically, V1316 Cyg experiences many brief outbursts that can last from less than a day to 3 days with an amplitude of less than 2 magnitudes. Poyner et al. have recently authored a paper describing this behaviour for the Journal of the BAA. It is available online in preprint form at this URL:


On June 7, 2006, shortly after the paper was accepted for publication, the first ever detected superoutburst of V1316 Cyg was observed. It reached around 15.2 magnitude from a quiescence of around 17.6.

V1316 Cyg is located at

20:12:13.67 +42:45:51.4 (J2000).

AAVSO charts with Henden BV photometry are available at this URL: http://www.aavso.org/cgi-bin/searchcharts3.pl?name=V1316%20Cyg  [2014 chart link http://www.aavso.org/vsp]

WARNING! Note that historically V1316 Cyg was often misidentified in the field. There is a bright field star ('148' on the AAVSO chart) 12 arcsec distant, which may itself be variable. To observe V1316 Cyg, please make sure you are using the latest charts and a small photometric aperture to avoid the companion. If you feel like it, also report observations of the 148 comp star as "2008+42B" or "148 Comp W".

Nightly visual and CCD monitoring for both brief, normal and superoutbursts is requested. Report observations to the AAVSO.

Latest observations in the AAVSO International Database are:

JUL 06.2090 <15.7 Vis. TDB Dan Taylor CANADA

JUN 30.3583 17.358 Err: 0.034 V CTX Tim Crawford USA

and from the BAA:

JUL 10 10.099 17.56 Unf. PYG Gary Poyner ENGLAND

JUL 13 13.965 17.6 Unf. SFY Jeremy Shears ENGLAND

Below are the main questions Poyner, Shears & Boyd are interested in addressing with the campaign:

"1: Are the brief outbursts we have observed in 2005/2006 still occurring, or were they precursor phenomenon to the most recent superoutburst?

"2: Do the brief outbursts continue as before unaltered, or will the cycle/amplitude changed because of the superoutburst?

"3: Will V1316 Cyg undergo more superoutbursts, normal type outbursts or return to the brief outbursts?"

This special notice was compiled by: Aaron Price


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