Special Notice #136: Possible Nova in Car [V679 Car] REPLACES Special Notices #134 and #135

AAVSO Special Notice #136

Possible Nova in Car
November 29, 2008

(This is a correction for Special Notice #134 and Special Notice #135. Please discard those notices in favor of this one.)

Katarzyna Malek, Center for Theoretical Physics of the Polish Academy of Sciences, reports via vsnet-alert 10740 the discovery of a possible bright nova [Nova Car 2008, V679 Car] by the Pi of the Sky automated survey. The discovery magnitude brightened from 7.91C on November 26.26 UT to 7.55C on November 27.27 UT.

Coordinates: RA 11h 13m 54s   Dec -61o 14' 00"  (2000)

Note that the Pi of the Sky system has 36arcsec pixels, and these coordinates can be substantially in error.  Since this is a very busy part of the Milky Way, normally this would be a problem.  In this case, there are no comparable bright stars nearby.  However, please report accurate astrometry as quickly as possible.

VSX shows nothing at this magnitude nearby. There is also nothing on the CBAT suspects pages (new or old). There are many variables in the general area (Carina) but nothing really close by. It has been submitted to VSX and assigned the VSX ID VSX J111354.0-611400.  This designation may change with revised coordinates; we suggest using the assigned AUID and temporary name below for the time being.

Regarding the sequence for this object, Mike Simonsen reports that the AAVSO Sequence Team now has a sequence available down to 13.9V. Charts with this sequence may be obtained from http://www.aavso.org/observing/charts/vsp and entering the coordinates.  I notice that there are still some errors in the sequence that will be corrected in a few minutes. The chart does plot the correct field at this time; reports earlier today indicated some positional error that doesn't seem present now.

Please report observations to the AAVSO as N? CAR 2008 (AUID 000-BJJ-196).

This report originally prepared by E. Waagen, and updated by A. Henden.


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