Special Notice #11: Possible New Object in Ophiuchi [V2576 Oph]

April 7, 2006: P. Williams (Heathcote, NSW, Australia) reports through AVSON on the discovery of a new object in Ophiuchi. It has been visually confirmed by Maciej Reszelski (Szamotuly, Poland). Photographic confirmation by B. Liller (Vina Del Mar, Chile) on panchromatic film with an orange filter has been reported through CV-Net.

Current reported observations:

April 06.311 >12 B. Liller (LIW) Photographic w/Orange Filter

April 06.565 10.5 P. Williams (WPX) Visual

April 06.590 10.4 P. Williams (WPX) Visual

April 06.611 10.4 P. Williams (WPX) Visual

April 06.??? 10.7 B. Liller (LIW) Photographic w/Orange Filter

April 07.042 10.2 M. Reszelski (RMQ) Visual

Peter gives the following estimated location: R.A.: 17h 15m 30s Decl.: -29d 09' 30" (2000)

This is located on the AAVSO chart for V517 Oph. However, a dedicated, new AAVSO chart is in production and will be placed online within 10 hours at the folliowing URL: http://www.aavso.org/cgi-bin/searchcharts3.pl?name=var%20oph%2006

[2014 chart link: http://www.aavso.org/vsp]

Please report observations to the AAVSO for now as 9999+99 Var Oph 06. Multicolor filtered photometry and spectroscopy is requested for confirmation.

This special notice has been prepared by: A. Price.