Alert Notice 713: Unusual Nova in Aquila: N Aql 2020 No. 2 = AT 2020qpq = PGIR20eig

Note: The table of Observations submitted to the AAVSO was replaced to correct errors in this table in the original version of the Alert Notice.  -  Elizabeth O. Waagen, 3 August 2020

August 3, 2020

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Event: Unusual Nova in Aquila: N Aql 2020 No. 2 = AT 2020qpq = PGIR20eig

Discovered by: Palomar Gattini-IR collaboration (PGIR)

Discovery magnitude: 13.35 J +- 0.22
Discovery date: 2020 July 13.26 UT

Coordinates (2000.0): R.A. 19 14 26.27   Decl. +14 44 40.1   (from VSX page for N Aql 2020 No. 2)

Spectra: A spectrum obtained by De et al. (ATel #13914) on 2020 August 2 UT using the SED Machine spectrograph on the Palomar 60-inch telescope shows the object to be a reddened classical nova.

Observing recommendations: This nova is unusual in that it has been brightening for 20+ days. It is faint but it may keep brightening for some time as a Type B or C nova (or something else) so starting coverage now could be really valuable. Please observe the nova as it evolves, with observations of all types (visual, CCD, DSLR, spectroscopy) and multiple bands as instrumentation permits.

Observations reported to the AAVSO:

Observations reported to the AAVSO (corrected from initial version):
2020 Jul. 11 UT, <13.7 J (Palomar-Gattini, via ATel #13914);
13.26, 13.35 J (Palomar-Gattini, discovery observation, via ATel #13914);
14.3359 17.488 g +/-0.098 (Zwicky Transient Factory (ZTF), from Lasair website);
18.3937 16.259 r +/-0.035 (ZTF);
21.3633 16.263 r +/-0.048 (ZTF);
24.3378 15.869 r +/-0.035 (ZTF);
26.3545 15.783 r +/-0.047 (ZTF);
27.2528 17.323 g +/-0.038 (ZTF);
27.3172 15.659 r +/-0.040 (ZTF);
31, 12.55 J +/- 0.11 (Palomar-Gattini), via ATel #13914);
31.2900 15.431 r +/-0.037 (ZTF);
31.2904 15.472 r +/-0.045 (ZTF);
Aug. 02.2509 16.976 g +/-0.041 (ZTF);
02.2746 15.172 r +/-0.027 (ZTF);

Corrected ZTF magnitudes are courtesy of S. Otero (AAVSO HQ), who also notes that the ZTF g and r magnitudes from August 2 may be used to derive a V magnitude = 15.9.

Charts: Charts with comparison stars for N Aql 2020 No. 2 may be created using the AAVSO Variable Star Plotter (VSP). Be sure to include spaces in the name as shown. There are magnitude ~12 and ~13 stars nearby to the East, so please be careful in identifying the nova, especially as it fades.

Submit observations: Please submit observations using the name N AQL 2020 NO. 2.
When a GCVS name is assigned to this nova, please use it when submitting observations.
 - Submit optical observations to the AAVSO International Database using WebObs (see below).
 - Submit spectra to the AAVSO Spectroscopy Database (AVSpec).

a. Discovery announced by De et al. in ATel #13914 (2020).

b. De at al. report no source was found at their location on archival 2MASS images.

c. Position end figures
- De et al. (2020 Jul. 13 UT): 26.3s, 40.0"

Congratulations to the Palomar Gattini-IR collaboration on this discovery!

This AAVSO Alert Notice was compiled by Elizabeth O. Waagen.

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